Life skills: Cooking

Cooking Guide

Cooking is a lifeskill.
Cooking is one of the most important activities in the game.
You can earn by selling finished products or use them yourself for an advantage in PK.
Cooking products are always in demand.

Types of cooking:

Restores full HP and SP once: 
Lv1 -  n1669.gif Codfish Steamboat  - 50% HP/MP
Lv2 -  n1670.gif Sturgeon Fish with Bamboo - 75% HP/MP
Lv3 -  n1671.gif Savory Bubble Fish - 100% HP/MP

HP and physical resistance (PR) pots:
Lv1 -  n1672.gif Sturgeon Soup
Lv2 -  n1677.gif Fried Oyster Soup
Lv3 - n1682.gif Prawn Dumpling
Lv4 - n1686.gif Tigerfish Bone Crisp
Lv5 - n1687.gif Ratfish Rice

Attack power pots:
Lv1 - n1673.gif Steam Bun
Lv2 - n1674.gif Bun
Lv3 - n1678.gif Biscuit
Lv4 - n1679.gif Fried Dough
Lv5 - n1683.gif Spring Roll

Invulnerability pots:
q0033.gif Blessed Potion
Prehistoric Blessing Potion - 4 sec of immortality, Can be purchased in Icicle from Daisha for 1.000.000 gold

SP/HP and Spirit pots:
Lv1 - n1675.gif Maiden Wine
Lv2 - n1676.gif Scholar Wine
Lv3 - n1681.gif Mao Wine
Lv4 - n1680.gif Dukan Wine
Lv5 - n1684.gif Ginseng Wine
Lv6 - n1685.gif Tiger Bone Tonic


For the convenience of the players, the spots for fishing (fish which is necessary for some items cooking), have been moved from the FC and DS to the harbor of Shaitan City:

Fish from FC:

892, 3772
887, 3734
826, 3753

Fish from DS:

824, 3788
837, 3810
890, 3799

Ingredients (materials) can be looked up in the database: Life skills: Cooking

In this section, you can clearly see the level of cooking, the final product and all of the necessary ingredients (materials) with links to the database.


To start cooking, you need to get recipes.

To do this, we need to obtain various blueprints.

In the database there is a special section of blueprints, where it is clearly visible at what % we will get the required recipe.

You can read more about it at: Blueprints


What is a recipe?

5fe2134a75fa9.png  5fe2136fbbc9d.png

For example, 1st and 5th level recipes of cooking.

The number of materials, the number of usage counts of the blueprint always changes from one to another. It is better when there are less material and more usage counts.

Getting needed materials will be more and more difficult with each level of the recipe. And also it will decrease the basic success rate (it is the percentage that shows with what chance you will get the product and cooking will not fail).

Pay attention to fairy coins. They are needed at almost any sphere of activity. Cooking too!

How to start cooking?

To learn the life skill “Cooking” you need to have life skill points:


Such points are obtained by completing historical quests and "Language Barrier" quest or can be obtained by using scrolls of lifeskill points.

The chain of historical quests starts with the quest "Secretary message" which can be taken from the Newbie Guide in Argent City.

Skills are sold by any Grocer in any city:


But, as you can see on the picture, there are requirements for learning the skill. Therefore, we should accumulate life skill points as much as possible.For one level of skill, you need two life skill points.

Fishing is a necessary passive skill. After all, the whole cooking is actually cooked from fish that you need to fish in oceans, using this skill.

It is also sold by the Grocer.



Cooking level = Recipe level

If the cooking level is less than the recipe level, then you will not be able to use the recipe.


Cooking guides of Lv2 and higher are sold by the Fairy Merchant in Icicle:



After learning a skill, you will automatically receive “Crystal Cauldron” 1st level to your inventory.


It has level, tool experience (will gradually increase depending on the level of recipe) and durability.

If the durability drops to zero, the cauldron must be repaired with a repair tool, appropriate cauldron's level:


Tools can be manufactured by yourself, using manufacturing or purchased from players.

Important! The level of the cauldron should be equal or over to the level of the recipe.

Otherwise, the chance that you will prepare a 5th level recipe, with a 1st level cauldron will not be great and the product will burn/fail.

In cooking, you need an assistant - a fairy.

You can use any fairy with Cooking skill.



It is important to learn the skill (standard). This will add a small % to the success for a successful cooking.

Some players say that it is necessary to learn specially two skills on a fairy, it gives a high percentage of the success (but this is not accurate).

You can buy necessary fairy skills from Fairy Merchant:


Where to cook?

You can cook in any city where you will meet Matchstick Granny with a Fire:


At NPC Fire you will create your culinary masterpieces.

5fe24cc274f6c.png  5fe2f25875fd6.png

To receive a 100% product, it is necessary to stop the process at a time (I have a strip where you need to click stop).
Everyone can put such a strip by going to the forum section: Tweaks and modifications
If cooking is successful, you'll get 5 finished products.
If you click on stop earlier, then the product will not be cooked well and you will get nothing, or you will get a smaller quantity (from 1 to 4).
If you overcook, the product will burn and you will not get anything.

Enjoy your game!