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Snow War

Portal opening
Monday-Friday portal opens at 21:00 server time (UTC +3)
Saturday-Sunday portal opens at 19:00 server time (UTC +3)

How to get there?
The portal leading to the Snow War can be found in Shaitan City (797, 3644)

Portal opens for level 56-85 players
Entrance is valid for the first 30 minutes, while the map itself is available for 55 minutes

Location Information
If you have already been in Chaos Argent, then the mechanics of this location will not confuse you, but, on the contrary, will only please you.
Players can make a party inside. The same skill mechanics apply on the map as in Chaos Argent.

Snow War Map
The map contains the scenery of the four main cities of the Game World.
After the start of the Snow War, every 5 minutes, monsters appear on the entire map.
What valuable can you get and what monsters can you meet?


Lv0 Novice Snow Chest
Lv0 Standard Snow Chest
Lv0 Expert Snow Chest

Weak Monsters:
Lv50 Lance Hunter
Lv41 Ami Cleric
Lv51 Phyllis Explorer
Lv51 Carsise Swordsman

Medium (NG) Monsters:
Lv51 Phyllis Explorer
Lv50 Lance Hunter
Lv70 Lance Voyager

Strong (BD) Monsters:
Lv75 Black Dragon Lance
Lv75 Black Dragon Carsise
Lv75 Black Dragon Phyllis
Lv75 Black Dragon Ami

Bosses and mini bosses:|
The appearance of bosses on location depends on the number of players after a wave of strong monsters.
If the number of players at this time is less than or equal to 10, one of the unique bosses will appear in the center of the map!
Chances of the appearance of one of the bosses, after the final wave of monsters:
70% - Lv75 Apocalypse Deer                           
25% - Lv85 Doomsday Chicken
5% - Lv160 Abyss Lord - Hardin
Players will only have 15 minutes to kill the boss.
If at the end of the strong monsters wave, the number of players is more than 10, then instead of the boss, many strong monsters will appear in the center, and 4 mini-bosses will appear on the map, from which you can get similar items, but with a much lower drop rate:

Lv75 Risen Santa
Players have 5 minutes to find and kill Santas.
If the number of players is still more than 10, then 4 more mini-bosses will spawn. If not, then a random unique boss will spawn in the center, but players will only have 10 minutes to kill boss.
On the 10th wave, everything is the same, but if the boss is summoned, players will only have 5 minutes to kill the boss.

Quest in the Snow War - Delivery of contraband!
At Thundorian part of Snow War (40, 42), a Smuggler is waiting for you, who asks you to deliver smuggling to the other end of the map. Quest can be taken from 21:10 to 21:30 at Mon-Fri and from 19:10 to 19:30 at Sat-Sun. You must complete quest before closing of the map at 21:55 (Mon-Fri) or 19:55 (Sat-Sun)!

Quest is available at a time (until successful completion) for only one character. If the character who accepted quest dies or leaves the map, then quest becomes available again for any player at the NPC in Thundoria.
As soon as the player accepts the quest, it is written in the system chat that the player "N" accepted the quest from the Smuggler. Thus, all players are notified about the start of smuggling. If any other player talks to the NPC Smuggler then in the system chat, he will see current coordinates of player who took quest.
Player who takes quest gets a special effects: slow running, inability to use skills, +10.000 HP and +250 defense, also the player is not affected by acceleration potions and Tempest Boost buff!
The cargo must be delivered to Shaitan part of Snow War (269, 258). After the successful completion of the quest, the player receives 2.500.000 gold and the following items:
The Universe Purse Purse with chipped gems