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Manufacturing Guide

 Manufacturing is a life skill.
Without manufacturing, ships will not be able to sail faster, and your work tools won't be repaired.

To start manufacturing you need to have life skill points. Such points are obtained by completing Story quests.


Skills are sold by any Grocer in any city: 

But, as you can see on the picture, there are requirements for learning the skill. We should learn Woodcutting first.
It is also sold by the Grocer. 

For one level of skill, you need two life skill points.
You can increase the level of manufacturing by lv2 and higher with special guides. They are sold by the Fairy Merchant in Icicle:
After learning a skill, you will automatically receive Black Hole Crystal 1st level to your inventory.

It has level, tool experience (will gradually increase depending on the level of recipe) and durability.
If the durability drops to zero, the black hole must be repaired with a repair tool, appropriate to black hole's level:

Tools can be manufactured by yourself, using manufacturing or purchased from players.
Important! The level of the black hole should be equal or over to the level of the recipe.

Otherwise, the chance that you will make a 5th level recipe, with a 1st level black hole will not be great.
In manufacturing, you need an assistant - a fairy.
You can use any fairy with manufacturing skill.

It is important to learn the skill (standard).
Some players say that it is necessary to learn specially two skills on a fairy, some just one. Opinions are different.

You can buy the necessary fairy skill from a Fairy Merchant: 

To start manufacturing, you need to get recipes.
To do this, we need to obtain various blueprints. And by opening blueprints you can obtain recipes.

What is a recipe?
For example, 1st and 6th level recipes of manufacturing.
The number of materials, the number of usage counts of the blueprint is always changing. It is better when there is less material and more usage counts.
Obtaining materials will be more and more difficult with each level of the recipe. And also decrease the basic success rate (it is the percentage that shows with what chance you will get the product).
Pay attention to fairy coins. They are needed at almost any sphere of activity. Manufacturing too!

Manufacturing also has complexity levels.
For manufacturing the level makes sense. It extends action time.

What to manufacture?

Manufacturing for sea battles:
 Mirage Generator Lv1
 Water Mine Lv1
 Ship Flamer Lv1
 Ship Penetrator Lv1
 Ship Accelerator Lv1
 Ship Atomizer Lv1
and so on...

Manufacturing for ground battles:
 Flash Bomb Lv1 (and also lv2-3-4)
 Radiation Lv1
 Soul Detector Lv1
 Grenade Lv1
and so on...

Tools for life skills and their repair:
 Anti Matter Crystal
 Black Hole Crystal
 Crystal Cauldron
 Particle Crystal
 Repair Tools 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 levels (you can earn good money on them).

Manufacture for leveling up your character (experience):
Sand Bag Lv1 (lv2-3-4-5 too)

How to manufacture?
The main thing is to collect the necessary materials and go to Substance Generator (Magical Ocean 878, 3646):
1. Place items in their cells, don’t forget to replace fairy coins from temporary bag to main inventory!
2. Press the Start button.
3. The most interesting thing, when to click on "Stop" button?
Someone clicks on Stop immediately.
Someone tries to catch the phrase Perfect.
Someone pays attention to the last line on the running line.
Someone does not stop at all.

After the start, the green line will start moving from left to right. And the yellow label will change all the time. On the 1st level blueprints do not be afraid to click when you want, it will not disappear.

When you increase the level, the label will change more slowly, but try to catch the phrase "Perfect", which means a higher success rate.