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News Image Daily rewards and quests

Awards for the daily entrance to the game

The player will automatically receive a reward from the list if inventory has 2 or more free slots. The award is divided into standard and VIP. To receive VIP awards, you must have a valid premium status:

Daily reward for being online in the game

Every 30 minutes the player can get up to 3 awards for the time spent in the game! For each opening of the crystal it will take 33x  Fairy Coins
n0324.gif   Crystal of Evil can be redeemed from NPC Daisha in Icicle once per day.
For 90 minutes (3 times by 30 minutes) you will receive the following awards:
30 minutes - Charmed Berry (untradeable)
60 minutes - Acceleration Potion (untradeable)
90 minutes - Bravery Emblem (need for redemtion of cloak)

Daily Quests
You can take daily quests from NPC Baby, starting from lv45.
Argent City 2200, 2777
There are 5 quests for mazes:
Daily Quest in Forsaken City (Lv 45+)
— Kill 3 Cursed Mummy in FC.
Award: 2 Badges

Daily Quest in Forsaken City (Bossing) (Lv 45+)
— Kill Death Knight in FC.
Award: 3 Badges
Daily Quest in Dark Swamp (Lv 45+)
— Kill 3 Swamp Bog in DS.
Award: 2 Badges

Daily Quest in Demonic World (Bossing) (Lv 55+)
— Kill Wondering Soul in DW 1.
Award: 3 Badges
Daily Quest in Demonic World (Chesting) (Lv 55+)
— Kill 1x Chest of Demonic World 1 and 1x Chest of Demonic World 2.
Award: 3 Badges


And 4 peacefull quests:

3 quests for killing mini bosses located on each of the continents:

Deep Blue

Magic Ocean



Items available for exchage with Badges:
r0015.gifSeal of Strength - 30 badges
r0015.gifRing of Dragon Wing - 30 badges
r0015.gifSpectral Wolf Button - 30 badges
r0015.gifAngel Grief - 30 badges
r0015.gifUnicorns Blessing - 30 badges

l0004.gifCrystal Naiad - 45 badges
l0004.gifOnslaught - 45 badges

n1172.gifCharmed Berry (untradeable) - 2 badges

book.gifStandard Protection (untradeable) - 10 badges​​​​​​​
book.gifStandard Berserk (untradeable) - 10 badges​​​​​​​
book.gifStandard Magic (untradeable) - 10 badges​​​​​​​
book.gifStandard Recover (untradeable) - 10 badges​​​​​​​
book.gifStandard Meditation (untradeable) - 10 badges​​​​​​​

n1560.gifFirst-Mate Commerce Statue - 20 badges​​​​​​​
n1561.gifCaptain Commerce Statue - 60 badges​​​​​​​
n1322.gif32 slot inventory (untradeable) - 10 badges​​​​​​​
n1260.gifAcceleration Potion (untradeable) - 2 badges

You can also redeem medals of professions for professional quests (craft ingredients):
Novice - 5 badges
Standard - 10 badges
Expert - 15 badges