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Item Mall and Account Replenishment

Before adding funds to your account we recommend you to learn about our refund policy.

Adding funds to your account

To top up your account you have to be authorized on our website first and go to the donation page -
There at your choice you can add from 1$ to 1000$ to your balance. Please pay attention that 1 USD equals 50 IMPs, but the more is the sum you are donating - more profit you will get!

Important! At the moment of account replenishment your account should be offline in game.

Payment methods:


1. Bank card acceptance is available in more than 100 countries all over the world! If by some reason your country is not supported please contact our support on Discord and tell us more about your problem, we will try to help you and add your country to our payment system as soon as possible!

2. Also, any crypto methods are available to topping up your account!

Also for your convenience we have added Finance page - 

At this page you can see literally any movement of imps on your account: How many of them you acquired and where did you use them.


Item Mall

After successful account replenishment you will be able to spend your IMPs in the Item Mall. It is full of useful items that will help you in your character development and also there is a list of items which can be bought for your reputation points. (You can see about it in the guide)


In the Item Mall every item is displayed in the quantity of 1 (one), but there could be more items in a single slot. To see more details about a particular item and the content of it click the Check button.


Also you can Try any of apparels which are available in our Item Mall. For this you can use the Try button after selecting an item that you want to try. (It will only show how the item looks on your character but nothing more)


As a whole our Item Mall has more than 250 unique weapon apparels of all kinds and more than 300 sets of costumes for all races.

To purchase an item you will need to press the Buy button, after successful purchase in the Item Mall your items will be delivered to your temporary bag (3rd page in your inventory).