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Wedding / Divorce

Necessary conditions for a wedding:

A wedding can be led at any time in Church map.
You can get to Church with special ticket - n1828.gif  Church Visit Ticket.

 Each of the newlyweds will need the following items:
5fb64275c41c4.png  Marriage Certificate
5fb642cb73cbc.png  Valentines Day Ring
5fb76bbe85e94.png  Chest of Gown
5fb76be588cdf.png  10 000 000 Gold

Additional requirements:
- Characters must be in one party;
- Only newlyweds must be in the party;
- Characters should not be married to anyone;
- Characters must be equppied with wedding gowns;
- Valentines Day Ring must be in inventory of each newlywed;
Weddings can be only straight:
Ami + Lance
Ami + Carsise
Phyllis + Lance
Phyllis + Carsise

Getting a wedding certificate:
To get a wedding certificate it’s necessary to reach Priest in Argent (2185,2787)


Each of characters should reach NPC in a party.
NPC checks necessary conditions and picks up 10 000 000 gold, granting you 5fb64275c41c4.png  Marriage Certificate.

The obtaining of other necessary items:
5fb642cb73cbc.png  Valentines Day Ring
5fb76bbe85e94.png  Chest of Gown

These items can be found in the Item Mall. At this category. You can also buy additional wedding attributes there.
 n1828.gif  Church Visit Ticket is sold by Priest for 5,000 Gold.

The ceremony performance:

After using church visit tickets, you will be taken to a special wedding location (Church),

where NPC High Priest is located to start a wedding ceremony.

Guests can pay 200 Gold for fireworks to witnesses.




After the ceremony a short-term aura appears around your characters, and message about your wedding appears in the system chat, which will be seen by absolutely all players online in the server.

Skill Bonds Of Love:
x1100.gif  Skill Bonds Of Love teleports a character to his second half (spouse).
They should be in the same party, not on ships, and both have wedding rings in their inventory.

You will have to pay 5,000 Gold for each skill usage!
You can move within the following location groups. Teleporting from different groups is impossible. It means
that if both characters are in the same group of locations, then teleport is possible. Also, for FC, DS, DW and Mirages the according level conditions must be met by both.

Magical Ocean:
Shaitan and the whole Magical Ocean
Shaitan Mirage
Treasure Island
Skeletar Island
Naval Base

Argent and Ascaron
Lone Tower
Thundoria Mirage
Demonic World
Abandon Mine 2
Underwater tunnel

Deep Blue Ocean:
Icicle and the whole Deep Blue Ocean (Spring, Summer, Autumn islands)
Icicle Mirage
Holy War
Garden of Edel
Snow Wars
Black Dragon Lair

Forsaken City: incl. 1
Forsaken City 2
Forsaken City 3
Dark Swamp

A cooldown of this skill is 1 minute.
Even if one character has a cooldown of this skill, the second character can still use it.

After Rebirth or usage of n1191.gif  Book of Skill Reset, this skill is saved.



To divorce with the character you are married to you will need 5fb7740931b6b.png  Seed of Love.

If you want to divorce by mutual consent, you must be in the same party and each of married couple must have in the inventory5fb7740931b6b.png  Seed of Love.

If you want to divorce without mutual consent, you must have 5fb7740931b6b.png  Seed of Love.x 4.
After divorce, rings, seeds and skill “Bonds of Love” will be taken away.
In a unilateral divorce, the 5fb642cb73cbc.png  Valentines Day Ring will be returned to the “abandoned” half (ex-spouse).

Divorce is made at NPC Zombie – Hami (Underwater Tunnel).


To talk to Hami, you must have completed historical quest "Language barrier" by at least with one of the characters.

In uniterial way - the initiator has it. By mutual way - the one who will communicate with NPC. 
5fb7740931b6b.png  Seed of Love is obtainable from the Item Mall.


Enjoy your game!