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Tales of Pirates mentoring system

Every day new players come to the Tales of Pirates and among them there are players who are not familiar with the game at all or have forgotten its basics! To assist with the progress of new players, a special in-game mentoring system was developed.
In addition to the opportunity to become a mentor, the Administration will select 5 Assistants weekly at the request of the players themselves.
An application for becoming a mentor can be submitted to the community manager in discord - Mordo Junior#5005. A sample of application is at the end of this topic.

How are candidates selected?
The player supervised by the Mentor writes in a special discord channel that the mentor (mentor's nickname) helped him (disciple's nickname). Disciple writes about his mentor, about mentor's work, about how did mentor help discipcle here:
Example: My nickname is GM, I want to leave a review about mentor Mordo Junior. Thanks for the help in leveling and tips on the gameplay on the server, I recommend Mordo Junior to everyone!
Mentors should ask players to leave feedback themselves, each feedback is checked for uniqueness! Mentor can post information about his help here:
Duplicate reviews and reviews from the same players (even from different accounts, MAC and IP addresses) are not counted!
If Player stops engaging in Mentoring, then within 2 weeks he will be deprived of all titles and removed from the mentors list. If Player decides to return to the system again, player will have to start all over again.

Requirements for mentors:
1. Spend at least 5 hours in the game daily;
2. Meet new players in the game. As a rule, these are starting cities (Argent, Shaitan, Icicle);
3. Answer questions of new players, conduct introductory tours of the game;
4. If you wish, you can help new player with equipment or gold;
5. Become a mentor and supervise the player during one week;
6. The minimum level for mentor is 45;

Generating help per week:

Helper - 25 IMP per each review per week (Minimum 5 reviews)
Trainer - 35 IMP per each review per week (Minimum 7 reviews)
Teacher - 45 IMP per each review per week (Minimum 10 reviews)
Coach - 50 IMP per each review per week (Minimum 13 reviews)
Guru - 55 IMP per each review per week (Minimum 15 reviews)

At the end of each week (Sunday / Monday), we summarize the results. If Mentor fulfilled the plan according to the reviews, then mentor receives not only IMPs, but also increases in rank!
It is important to keep this position on the minimum amount of reviews.
It is important to ask players to write a review in the discord and indicate nickname.

Sample of mentor application:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Nickname of your character
4. Level
5. Tales of Pirates experience
6. How much time do you spend playing Tales of Pirates daily?
7. How do you rate your knowledge of the game?
8. To what level of the Mentor would you like to grow (see table)?
9. What languages do you know?