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Analyzing Guide

Analyzing is a life skill.

With this life skill you can earn gold, get necessary ingredients for cooking and manufacturing.

To analyze (for analysis you can use any equipment dropped from mobs or bought from npc) you will need the catalysts.

Each catalyst is responsible for a specific future ingredient (material).

You can learn more about the ingredients by clicking on the catalyst you're interested in at the database.

Аfter analyzing the 0+ level equipments, we get fish (it is used in Cooking).

The higher level of equipment you are giving for analysis - the more valuable ingredients for cooking!

To obtain gold, it is better to use n1574.gifFur Catalyst and n1573.gifPlant Catalyst.

In addition to expensive ingredients, the necessary plant, food, and water ingredients are extracted, which can be sold to other players.

Some are sold at NPC Tailor – Ditter in Thundoria Castle (Ascaron 754, 1512):


To learn the life skill “Analyze” you will need to have life skill points:

Such points are obtained by completing Story quests.


Skills are sold by any Grocer in any city:


But, as you can see on the picture, there are requirements for learning the skill. We should learn “Salvage” first.

It is also sold by the Grocer:


For one level of skill, you need two life skill points.

You can increase the level of analysis with guide of Lv2 and higher. They are sold by the Fairy Merchant in Icicle:


After learning a skill, you will automatically receive “Partical Crystal” 1st level to your inventory.


It has level, tool experience (will gradually increase depending on the level of recipe) and durability.

If the durability drops to zero, the partical must be repaired with a repair tool, appropriate partical's level:


Tools can be manufactured by yourself, using manufacturing or purchased from players.

The higher partical’s level, then the more amount of loots as a result:

1,2 level - 6 loots.

3,4 level- 7 loots.

5+ level - 8 loots.

Another important thing is a “Smart Fairy” (any fairy) with Standard Pet Analyze and Standard Pet Cooking. They are sold by the Fairy Merchant:




Where to do analysis?

Go to Analization Tool in Icicle:


NPC Assistant - Blue stands near it, she can share more detailed information about the analysis with you:


Place items as follows:


There are many different opinions when to press "Stop".

Try and make conclusions for yourself.

Where to get items for analysis?

Lone Tower 2-6 levels (examples below):

Lone Tower 2:


The green circle – your support

A red line – possible hunting circle

Mobs at the location:


70 level equipment:

e0528.gif Boots of Spirit

w0063.gif Consonance of Souls

e0294.gif Gloves of Gallant

e0469.gif Boots of Gallant

e0353.gif Gloves of Spirit

w0063.gif Eye of Sacred Dragon

e0539.gif Pique Bunny Shoes

w0285.gif Soul Spring

e0152.gif Robe of Stride

e0526.gif Boots of Amercement

Lone Tower 4:


The green circle – your support

A red line – possible hunting circle

Mobs at the location:


70 level's equipment:

e0192.gif Pique Otter Costume

e0367.gif Pique Otter Muffs

e0526.gif Boots of Amercement

Lone Tower 6:


The green circle – your support

A red line – possible hunting circle

Mobs at the location:


70 level equipment:

e0327.gif Gloves of Stride

w0013.gif Thunder Blade

w0062.gif God of Rebuke

e0152.gif Robe of Stride

w0062.gif God of Wrath

Solace Heaven:


The red circle – appearance place

A red line – possible hunting circle

Mobs at the location (main):


70 level equipment:

e0189.gif Pique Bunny Costume

e0364.gif Pique Bunny Muffs

Summer Island:


The yellow circle – appearance place

A red lines – possible hunting circles

It's much harder to hunt for mobs here, so mostly lv80 or more players do farm here.

In addition, n0322.gifMystic Chests are dropped from mobs on the island.


Some good geared players prefer Boss hunting to obtain equipment for analyzing:

Icy Dragon - respawns each hour after death


Pirate Captain 008 - respawns each hour after death


Evil Tribal Chieftian - respawns each 30 minutes after death


Lizardman Warrior Commander - respawns each 30 minutes after death


Fox Sage - respawns each 30 minutes after death



Enjoy your game!