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Chaos Argent

Chaos Argent is also known as CA, one of most popular high level mazes.
Many players choose to go CA due to it's intense activity and reward-risk makes it very compelling participation.
CA is free-for-all maze but frequently you will find players work with their friends or guilds due to difficulty of this maze. However for one to enter CA you must go to Icicle City (1371,532) and qualify the following - Leave your party.

CA portal opening:

Monday - Friday: 20:00 server time (UTC +3).
Saturday - Sunday: 14:00 and 20:00 server time (UTC +3).

Portal working time: 30 min.
Location opening time: 45 min.

Spawn Order:

In CA you can find chests/mobs that respawn every 5 minutes in Waves.
If you take more than 5 minutes to kill them, they will disappear.
There's a message at the system chat in every respawn showing how many players are inside CA.

In the very center of the fountain there will be: Lv0 Chaos Chest 
The chest appears in the first seconds, and does not disappear with the waves - it is not so easy to destroy it, but the reward for its destruction is really worth it!


Right after killing of Lv0 Chaos Chest, CA Boss Lv80 Chaos Guardian appears. For killing him you can get the followng items:

1. Novice chests:


2. Standard chests:



3. Expert chests:

There are also 3 waves of monsters to loot for valuable items such as Refining Gems!

And with the last, terrifying wave of Black Dragon Monsters - black dragon gems!

CA Rewards:
The Chaos Argent rewards works based on the amount of survivors when the map closes.
1 Survivor: 5m +  King of the Ring Emblem (that can be exchanged for a  Chaos Chest on Chaos Administrator ), Luck Berry
2-5 Survivors: 5m (shared between the survivors) + Saint of the Ring Emblem (If you get 5 of this emblem, you can exchange it for a King of the Ring Emblem)
6 or more Survivors: 5m (shared between the survivors)