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Dark Swamp (DS) 

Exciting adventures in this maze have gone through many!
Endless boss wars, and as a result, a valuable reward awaits treasure hunters in the Dark Swamp! Entrance is available for all players Lv 45-85.

The value of this dungeon is kal runestones, chipped gems from the main boss and cracked gems! We advise you to pay attention to the system of pass between DS-2 and DS-3.

Dark Swamp Opening Hours
Opening: 03:00, 15:00 server time (UTC +3)
Portal and all passes open for all time of maze working.
The map itself is open for 1 hour 55 minutes.

Portal to DS now opens in the Abandoned mines of Ascaron!


The portal to DS 2 is marked in red
Yellow - chests DS 1
Purple dots are possible character appearance

Blue and green dots are mini bosses of DS

Obscure Chest 1

Monsters of DS-1
Swamp Bog
Swamp Man
Swamp Watcher
Master Swamp Bog (155, 283)



Lv70 Swamp Champion (193,173)



Portal to DS-3 is marked in red - the portal will be inaccessible until the DS2 boss is killed

Chests of DS-2 in marked in yellow
Obscure Chest 2

Main boss is marked in purple
Huge Mud Monster

Monsters of DS-2:
Swamp Bogs
Swamp Mans
Swamp Watchers
Swamp Warden
Jungle Guardian


Chests is marked in yellow 
Obscure Chest 3

Monsters of DS-3:
Master Swamp Watcher
Swamp Man
Swamp Warden
Master Swamp Watcher