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Blacksmith functions

Gems forging, item socket fusion and equipment strengthening are performed by Blacksmith – Smithy. He is located in Shaitan.

Equipment has durability:
As soon as it becomes zero, equipment's properties are lost.
It needs to be repaired for a few gold. Blacksmith will help you to repair broken equipment.
Choose Repair, a hammer will appear, with which you need to use on the broken equipment.
After this procedure, the equipment will be restored and the durability will be maximum.

Forge is needed to put a gem in an armor, weapon, shield, etc.
Put the armor (weapon, shield) to the first slot; the gem to the second slot and Refining Gem to the third slot:

The gem and refining gem must have the same level. (for example: if the gem is 3 level, then the refining gem must also be level 3).
You have to forge gems in level progression. 1 -> 2 -> 3
Gem levels can't be skipped, otherwise it will be lost.
Example: You have level 1 Gem of Colossus in your armor and you want it to be level 3. You have to forge level 2 first, and only then level 3. If you forge level 3 straight away after level 1 it will increase the level of gem in your equipment by 1 (it will become level 2).

Chances of forging: (IMPORTANT)

1, 2, 3 levels - 100%
4 level - 40%
5 level - 20%
6 level - 10%
7 level - 5%
8 level - 3%
9 level - 1,5%

After the procedure is done you will get forged equipment.

Luck points:

The only way to increase the % of gem forging is luck points.

What is it?

- It is player's bonus: for their spend of time, game gold, and partly small compensation for the loss of a gem. For each failure during gem forging player gets +1 luck point.

(1 luck point = +3% to the next gem forging chance, max amount of luck bonuses is 10 = 30%).

Important note:
Points are assigned to the character. These bonus points can be accumulated not on the main character.
Also you may forge less valuable gems to accumulate additional % for the gem force.
If the system uses your points, you will see a message in the game's system chat.


How do I earn bonus points for forging?
For each failure during gem forging you will receive +1 luck point and the system will inform you about it:


When do you spend luck points?
If forging is successful, there are 2 options:
1.The system has used the base chance
(let's say for forging 5 level gem - 20% in this case) the luck points remain.

2.If you have accumulated 5 luck points (+15%) and the base chance did not work, but the additional chance (20%+15%=35%) worked, then the luck points are burned and you successfully forge the gem.

How can you know how many bonus luck points your character has already accumulated? Press Alt+A.

To increase the number of luck points you can buye1mer10509.gifLuck Berry in the Item Mall. You can also obatain berry in game by opening chests or participating in Chaos Argent.

Socket Creation
Socket Creation function allows you to make a socket (slot) for gem forging in your armor, gloves, boots, shields and weapons.
You can make up to 3 slots per equipment piece.

The 1st and 2nd socket can be done with a 100% chance, but the 3rd socket creation has only a 20% chance of success.

To make a slot in a certain equipment you must have:
Equipment Catalyst Equipment Stabilizer
You can obtain Catalyst + Stabilizer via in-game Item Mall: Blacksmith -> Socket set.

Choose Socket Creation and arrange items as follows

Gem extraction
You can extract gems from equipment by using n1646.gif Blacksmith Pliers that you can buy in Item Mall. With n1646.gif Blackmith Pliers gems will be removed from equipment (from the highest level gem to the lowest level gem) in turn: first all gems from the 1st socket, then all gems from the 2nd socket and then all gems from the 3rd socket. If you want to extract gems directly from the 2nd socket without extraction of gems from the 1st socket, you can use n1646.gif Blacksmith Pliers (2nd slot). If you want to extract gems directly from the 3rd socket without extraction of gems from the 1st and 2nd sockets, you can use n1646.gif Blacksmith Pliers (3rd slot)
Refining gems will not be returned after extraction! They will simply disappear!

Gear Upgrade
Each equipment has Effectiveness (even without apparel):
Gear upgrade adds nice bonuses from the equipments characteristics.
You can upgrade the equipment up to 10% max.
Necessary items: Strengthening Scroll Strengthening Crystal
Since the apparel is just a decoration, you do not need an apparel to strenghten your equipment!
Upgrading equipment for the first time is not difficult, but subsequent attempts to upgrade items up to 10% have small success!
1% - 100%
2% - 100%
3%- 90%
4% - 80%
5% - 70%
6% - 60%
7% - 50%
8% - 50%
9% - 40%
10% - 30%

Gems combination
To combine gems, you need a Gem Composition Scroll, it is sold at the grocery Amos in Shaitan City (840, 3587):

Blacksmith - Smithy can help you to combine gems. Select Combine

Chances of a successful GEMS and REFS combination: (IMPORTANT)

1,2,3 level - 100%
level - 70%
level - 60%
6 level - 45%
7 level - 30%
8 level - 17,5%
9 level - 6%
Gems should be of the same level! It works the following way: 1+1 = 2; 2+2 = 3