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March 8, 2023, 1:33 am

Dear friends! It's time for change!
Nothing is ever easy and our solutions are incredibly hard!
That's why we split the update into two parts!
The first is technical changes that will give us growth in the project and changes in the tough economy!
Second - if the first changes bear fruit, then we move on to changing the graphics and expanding the game content!

Promo code until March 17th!

Enter promo code /top into local in-game chat! To do this, click on Rent equip , then contact NPC Job Advancer in Argent City and get 1 and 2 professions!
Then press 2 more times and get the equipment FOREVER, which you can forge (but you can’t extract the minimum level of the gem that was originally set in it!)

Technical changes and features!

1. The game has a panel 1-12 (+)
2. Added the ability to change weapons, etc.
3. Full release of the new launcher
4. If the Blessing Potion goes into cooldown due to the flash bomb, then after 0.5 seconds the Blessing Potion can be used again

Bonus top-up through the site

These changes are related to the possibility of top-up an account without a Twitch stream
From 100 to 999 imps: +75% to top-up
From 1,000 to 4999 imps: +95% to top-up
From 5,000 to 9999 imps: +105% to top-up
From 10,000 to 34999 imps: +120% to top-up
From 35,000 to 49999 imps: +135% to top-up
From 50,000: +150% to replenishment

Changing the server economy

- Setting the minimum cost of gems until March 12. We have changed the cost of gems to fix their minimum cost in the game

- One of the most difficult but in our opinion is the right decision!
We are a small project, not a large state, which was also subjected to Hyperinflation. Since it leads to the collapse of the commodity-money circulation and the financial system of the game due to the loss of confidence in game gold. Gold is losing its natural role in the economy as a measure of value, a means of circulation, a means of accumulation, a means of payment. In conditions of hyperinflation, there is a rapid and constant rise in prices, people are trying to get rid of depreciating money as quickly as possible! We reduce all funds in your inventory by 2 times!


A new type of daily leveling up

Added a new type of character leveling through daily tasks

Maze Changes

- Chaos Argent time on weekdays 20:00 (UTC +3)
- Snow war on weekdays 21:00 (UTC +3)


Visual changes

- Each BD baby now has its own model
- Changed the usual look of stalls


From Monday, the TOP 10 players by kills will receive their bonuses:
1st place - 500 HP/SP
2nd place - 400 HP/SP
3rd place - 300 HP/SP
4th-10th place - 200 HP/SP

Other changes

- Berry for Lv 4 gems combining added for dublons
- Reduced drop rate of dublons from a number of monsters in mazes by 30%
- Appeared vouchers for a geat gems (+6)
- Reduced the cost of mystical chests and old pirate treasure by ~10%
- The pet correctly picks up items for magic classes
- Lucky point can now be accumulated up to 15, only by failing to forge a gem
- Changing work in Cooking: Lv 1 restores 5.000 HP/SP, Lv 2 - 10.000 HP/SP, Lv 3 - 15.000 HP/SP
- Passive skill Great Sword Mastery doesn't give bonus in Chaos Argent with one-handed swords

This is only the first stage of cardinal changes! We will continue to make changes to the content in the near future!