Update 12 February

Angela Fairy

We are introducing a new generation of pets! Angela is already in the game! Fairy rates for Angela are 3x.
You can level up your Angela pet with +2 fruits obtainable from Item Mall:
Angelic Fruit of Strength;
Angelic Fruit of Agility;
Angelic Fruit of Accuracy;

Angelic Fruit of Constitution;
Angelic Fruit of Spirit;

After level 40 you have to level it with +1 fruits:
Big Angelic Fruit of Strength;
Big Angelic Fruit of Agility;
Big Angelic Fruit of Accuracy;
Big Angelic Fruit of Constitution;
Big Angelic Fruit of Spirit;
There are discounts on fruits, but only on weekends.

Abaddon - 5-Eternal

Every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 server time portal to Abaddon 5+ is going to be opened.
Abaddon 5-8 crashes at 21:30 After killing the boss at Abaddon 9 the portal to Abaddon Heaven is opened straight away!

Game event "Love message"

You can exchange up to 3 i19804.pngLove message bottle a day per 1 character at Maryam.
1. For levels 1-45 - UwqB4KZetsMYqQG7AnXsXHwwpEdwiphIC52KooTg El Runestone x30 and U5xSWA39R5ajPA6CZRtx5uQ713g7EGklKASKpjRn Frosty Heart x50;
2. For levels 46-55 - _NCBJXjOiltWWnYXIu5aq2UvRPrJIHIp5E8ogvaw Ja Runestone x30 and -KJsLit2AJjY0yjESPu3gyODzHWt2jJx9kiK_IwZ Heart of Nature x50;|
3. For levels 56 and more - P76FP17U1nuj-qTfkS6d2Fpj9tbnqrcX1W6kAlGM Crystal of Enchantment x30 and qRRPzrGpkeSRyfjq_31cJkV_Lb5CptkUUminjNab Heart of Sorrow x50 and i19806.pngLove message bottle (opened by double click, you won’t receive a map) from Item Mall. By opening Ter-_xLSqd-0gqDaVKoGBTsybmV0djmiFQYMqTn_ Valentine's Treasure Map on the coordinates accordingly you can obtain one of the treasures of abandoned ship:
n1387.gif Constitution Recovery Flask - 20 pcs - 24%
n2109.gifLarge Auto-ration - 25 pcs - 15%
n0290.gifBull potion - 10 pcs - 7%
n0351.gif Berserk potion - 5 pcs - 7%
n0133.gifDefense potion - 5 pcs - 7%
n0293.gifHit rate potion - 5 pcs - 7%
n1406.gifWeightless Potion - 2 pcs - 6%
e1mer10309.gif One of faceted gems - id in database - 4%
q0067.gif Feng's Defense - 3%
n0201.gifBing's Dodging - 3%
n0199.gifLock's Strike - 3%
n1266.gif Shark's Strengthening - 3%
n2125.gifThe Universe Purse - 3%
n2125.gifPurse with chipped gems - 3%
n2125.gifPurse with great gems - 4%
n2126.gif Dragon Chest - 0.7%
n0323.gif   Angela's egg - 0.1%
n1793.gif   Second Rebirth Card - 0.1%
e1mer11529.gif   Black stone - 0.1%

Black dragon

Every Saturday and Sunday, a passage to the new BD lair opens at 17:00 server time at 23:59, the lair collapses! Dragon respawn 12 hours!


The entrance to the BD lair 1 is located on the Summer Island61ec4fc4dd0d0.png

Upon entrance to BD Lair 1, there is a statue that teleports you to one of 4 points:


Red Mark - Spawn Point

Green mark - Statues of Lair - transition to lairs 1 and 3

Black Mark - Black Dragon and View Radius