Mazes: Demonic World guide
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  • October 15, 2022, 4:46 am

Demonic World (DW)

Deep icy world, in which snow dolls and yetis live.
Having to meet such demons, there is a chance to die... But if you have enough strength to kill them, you will get pleasant prizes.

Demonic World is a maze.
PVP location for level 50 and above.

Demonic World schedule:
Opening: 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 (UTC +3).
Portal and all passes open for all time of maze working.
The map itself is open for 1 hour 55 minutes.

To reach Demonic World, you need to run to the portal in Abandoned Mines.

The Demonic World has two levels (floors). Each floor has different mobs, bosses and chests.

Demonic World I

When you enter the portal you appear in one of the corners of the 1st floor (marked with numbers):



The location is presented in the form of a complex maze, but we don’t think that you will have difficulties to find the exits.
Mobs at this floor are:

Imaginary Snow Doll
Snow Doll Spirit
Evil Snow Doll Spirit

In this location you can also find Chests of Demonic World 1, total number of them is 5:


Chest locations (marked with orange squares):



The main boss of Demonic World I is Wandering Soul.
She knows how to conjure, so take with you a whole party of pirates who will help you put a disabling spell on it and do not allow her to use her magic.


The main boss of DW1 is located (marked with yellow square) - in the middle of the location

(arrows indicate approximate paths to the middle):


Portals to the Demonic World II (marked with red circles are located in DW I rooms):

Opens in one of 4 locations!
Attention! It is only possible to enter DW2 by killing the DW1 boss:


After you managed to reach DW II, be careful. The next level is harder and has gridlocks:

Demonic World II


Mobs at this floor:
Confused Snow Doll
Demonic Snowman
Demonic Yeti

Chest of Demonic World 2


Chests locations (marked with yellow squares):


But it will not be easy to reach, because there are gridlocks through which it is not possible to pass.

There is a way out!
There are portals through which you can get to each chest and to the middle of the location to the main boss.

Portal locations (arrows indicate where you will appear after entering the portal):


The following portals and ways to reach the center (a cross indicates a gridlock):


The main boss of Demonic World II is Snowman Warlord.
Boss himself is very strong, you can't kill him alone. You would need a party of pirates here too!


That's all!
Have a nice game.