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News Image March 13 Game Changes
March 12, 2023, 3:35 pm

Changes in Fish Butchering

Разделывая маленькую рыбу вы получаете:
Crucian, Rotan, Perch:
Small fish gills - 11%
 Small fish head - 11%
 Small fish bones - 11%
 Small fish yolk sac - 11%
Small fish fins - 11%
Small fish eye - 11%
Small fish liver -11%
 Medium chest key - 11%
 Small Treasure Chest - 7% - NEW
 Fisherman's Token - 5%

By opening  Legendary Treasure Chest, now instead of Shark's Strengthening, you can get  Purse with great gems


- Removed fruits for combining lv4 and lv5 gems from Item Mall and Bief Cocoa
- Rates for combining Lv4 and Lv5 gems is 100% now (without fruits), rates for Lv 4 gem forging is 100%
- New fruit for 100% rate of combining Lv 6 gems added to Item Mall
- Forging of Lv5 and Lv6 gems is without changing

Other Changes

- Happy Holiday Magazine now can be used by Lv90+ characters, it gives +2% Exp;
- Instant lvl up to Lv75 is available by using newbie chest (when you open chest for the first time);
- You can get a 9% useful stat (instead of 8%) from Ultra Megaladon, but you need to change and get the desired stat again at Baby with using dragon fruit.



Technical changes

- 60 FPS works as correctly as possible
- Fixed several client bugs
- Improved game performance
- Reduced character desync
- Monsters no longer freeze in one place
- We are preparing to apply a visual update to the client with improved graphics