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News Image February 24 Game Changes
February 24, 2023, 5:57 pm

Dear friends!
We have started a series of our game changes that we planned to start only in March, but decided to bring you some of it now!
The introduction of most new features must be carried out in several stages!



Until February 26, 20:00 (server time UTC +3), the rates in the game have been increased:
Drop rates x3.5
Fairy Pet Growth x30

Discounts in Item Mall -25%

Until February 26, 20:00 (server time UTC +3) in Item Mall, discounts on most items!

Ratings and anti-relog system

The basis of the KD rating is the penalty for relog from the maze. Now the system of penalties has already been applied: 2 minutes of a penalty to enter the maze for relog in Chaos. We will see how the system will show itself, identify its shortcomings and, if necessary, make changes in the near future.

We are actively preparing ratings with rewards for March 3, the table is already available!
KD rating TOP - 50:
- The rating will be updated every Monday, the reward will be assigned automatically
- 1st place: 500 HP and SP, 2nd place: 400 HP and SP, 3rd place: 300 HP and SP, 4th-10th place: 200 HP and SP. Also, a special title will be given for each of the rating places!
- Characters starting from 50 Wins will participate in the rating
- Killing guildmates will not be taken into account in the rating

GS rating

The rating will display 50 characters by overall rating!
- The best TOP 1 in their class will receive a unique visual effect, the effect will be updated every Monday

Changing the server economy

Work is underway to reduce the amount of gold and gems in the game. In case of that, the cost and drop rate of  Mystic Chest have been changed, as well as::

1. Removed Chest box (loot boxes) from Item Mall on a permanent basis
2. The cost of a madman's chest is now 2.5m instead of 1.5m
3. Removed gems from fishing and gems from fish butchering
4. Added berry for lv 5 combining to remove more gems from the game
5. lv 4 Gems now can be forged with 100% success rate
6. Changed drop rate of Mystic Chest from tribals: instead of 2.2% now 1.8%
7. Added Mystic Chest from all monsters in the black dragon's lair with a 4.5% drop rate
8.  Old Pirate's Treasure - changed default price to 55.000 gold. It means that selling price is 27.5k gold now. 

Max Gem Level

Increased the maximum level of gems:
Lv 6: Shark's Strengtheningn1272.gifBreath of the black dragonn1286.gif  Eye of Black Dragon
Lv 5: n1285.gifSoul of Black Dragon n1184.gif  Heart of Black Dragon

Changes in Item Mall

It was decided to stop gambling (an alternative for gold) and at the same time introduce items into Item Mall:
- 1-3 Rebirth cards!
- Lv 5-6 Handpet Stones
- New berries have also appeared for 100% combination of lv 5 gems - in order to remove gems from the market
- A brand new feature in the game Golden Roger's Ringing!
Allows Users to increase server rates by +0.5 item drop rate for 1 hour!
To activate the function, you need to purchase an Item in Item Mall and click on the bell above the minimap!

The character himself will receive a unique visual effect, announcing that it was he who used the Ringing!

Changes in Chaos and Snow War

Maze Time Change!
At 20:00 the Snow War now opens, and at 21:00 Chaos opens!

In Chaos, the main chest appears at 10 minutes!
In the 4th and 5th waves, 5 Expert chests appears!

New multifunctional launcher

Preparations are being completed for the introduction of a new multifunctional launcher


Other changes

1. Forging lv 4 gems is now 100%
2.  Heart of Death can be obtained from Hardin - 100%, and from the Black Dragon - 1%
3. Wings of Rebirth can now be deleted
4. From the Winter Isle, you can now teleport to the Spring Isle and to the Abandoned Mines Haven
5. On the Winter Isle, you can now buy chicken from NPCs, which stacks at 999 for 4.000 gold, and fruit mixes for 10.000 gold
6. Prohibited leveling up by killing lv 5 sandbags (Anubis) for characters Lv 91+

Changes in Fishing and fish butchering!

Check out the new fishing and butchering drop!
Before the introduction of a new village of fishermen, where you can show your professional skills and get a valuable reward, there is not much time left!

Fishing Drop Changes

Small catch - 70%:
 FAIL - 25%
Crucian - 25%
Rotan - 25%
Perch - 25%
Medium catch - 25%:
 FAIL - 25%
Carp - 25%
Trout - 25%
 Barracuda - 25%
Large catch - 4%:
 FAIL - 25%
 Moon fish- 25%
Catfish - 25%
Tuna - 25%
Legendary catch - 1%: 
FAIL - 25%
Fish Chimera - 25%
One Eyed Shark - 25%
Snakehead - 25%
Changes in fish butchering
What you can get?

By butchering small fish:
Crucian, Rotan, Perch:
Small fish gills - 12%
 Small fish head - 12%
 Small fish bones - 12%
 Small fish yolk sac - 12%
Small fish fins - 12%
Small fish eye - 12%
Small fish liver -12%
 Medium chest key - 11%
 Fisherman's Token - 5%

By butchering medium fish:
Carp , Trout, Barracuda:

  Medium fish gills - 12%
 Medium fish head - 12%
 Medium fish bones - 12%
 Medium fish yolk sac - 12%
Medium fish fins - 12%
 Medium fish eye - 12%
Medium fish liver -12%
 Medium treasure chest - 6%
 Fisherman's Token х2 - 6%
 Big chest key - 4%

By butchering large fish:
 Moon fish, Catfish, Tuna:

 Big fish gills - 12.5%
 Big fish head - 12.5%
Big fish bones - 12.5%
 Big fish yolk sac - 12.5%
 Big fish fins - 12.5%
Big fish eye - 12.5%
Big fish liver -12.5%
 Fisherman's Token x2 - 6%
Large Treasure Chest- 4.5%
 Legendary chest key - 2%

By butchering legendary fish:
Fish Chimera,One Eyed Shark ,Snakehead:

 Fisherman's Token x3 - 30%
Pouch of dublon (5) - 20%
 Lv3 Refining Gem Voucher - 17% 
Jade chest- 15 %
 The Universe Purse - 5%
n2125.gifPurse with chipped gems - 5%
 Legendary Treasure Chest - 5%
Dragon Chest - 3%