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News Image February 12 Game Changes
February 11, 2023, 4:15 am

February 12 Game Changes!

Dear friends!
We have prepared a number of changes that are already waiting for you in the game!
A unique promo code for new players, which is valid only until February 24!

New promo code only until February 17th!

Reach max Lv 91 before increasing max Lv up to 95 in the next update!
Until February 17, the ability to gain reputation from mentoring is disabled!
Enter the game and get Lv 91 in 1 click! To do this, click on  Rent equip, then go to NPC Job Advancer in Argent and get 1st and 2nd profession!
Then double click again and you will get the equipment FOREVER, which can be gemmed (but you cannot extract the minimum level of the gem that was originally forgeded in it!)

A unique promotional code for new players who want to actively start conquering the TOP!
Enter /based101 into the game's local chat and get:
Egg of Legendary Hand Pet - When you open the egg, you will receive a Legendary handpet, which will pick up trophies in your inventory and give 3% bonuses to the item drop rate.
Premium-status (30 days)

- The mount is valid until February 25!


You can seal the union of two characters with bonds of friendship!


- The characters you want to befriend must not be married to anyone. Married characters must first be divorced.

- Characters of any gender and race, including the same, can be friends with each other.

- Characters must be in a party with future friend.

- Each character in their inventory must have a Fenechka, which can be purchased for IMPs from the Item Mall in the Wedding section.


In order to befriend the two characters, you need to talk to NPC Mysterious Granny in Argent City (2157,2791).

After making a friendship, the Fenechkas will disappear from the inventory, and the characters will have the Friendship skill. The conditions for using the Friendship skill are exactly the same as for the wedding skill, except for the need of presence of rings in the inventory.

A character can only be friends with one character at a time. If you want to befriend another character, just follow the same procedure with the new character. There is no need to break the old friendship ties. The previous friend will still have the friendship skill, but he/she will no longer be able to use it.

New items in item mall

1. New skill Hand pet Body 2 - allows you to apply a buff: Angel shield, Tornado swirl and Intensive magic (used if there is a magic clover in the inventory) - 2000 IMPs
2. Added new potions of weightless!
3. Added keys for the madman chest - 99x keys for 1100 IMPs, 1x key for 15 IMPs
4. Added potions to the Item Mall (separately):  a temporary measure for 7 days until the return of reputation. 99 potions for 500 IMPs with a -25% discount:Defense potion,Spirit potion,Battle potion,;Bull potion 


The Madman Chest can be purchased from the NPC Baby for 1.500.000 gold, the key to open the chest can be purchased from Bief Cocoa for 50 dublons or in the Item Mall:
Large Auto-ration x5 - 10%;
 Fruity Mix x30 - 10%;
Hit rate potion x2 - 10%;
Defense potion x3 - 10%;
Spirit potion x3-  10%;
Battle potion x3 - 10%;
Bull potion x3 - 10%;
 Refining Gem Voucher - 10%;
The Universe Purse - 6%;
Purse with chipped gems - 5.5%;
Weightless Potion x2 - 3.5%;
Admiral's Sack - 2%
Chiatana's Aura - 0.5%;
 Bing's Dodging - 0.5%;
 Feng's Defense - 0.5%;
 Lock's Strike - 0.5%;
Shark's Strengthening - 0.5%;
Legendary chest key - 0.2%;
 Rebirth Card - 0.2%;
Pet Stone Lv5 - 0.05%;
3rd Rebirth Card - 0.05%


The maximum level of gems and necklaces has been increased!

1. Increased the maximum level of the following gems to level 6:
 Bing's Dodging Lock's Strike Feng's Defense, Shark's StrengtheningChiatana's Aura Green jadeRed jadeYellow jade and all Chipped Gems.

2. The maximum level of necklaces is Lv 65. In order to improve your necklace with the saving of gems, you need to bring to Baby: Improvement Stone Lv50 and Improvement Stone Lv40. Exchange them for necklace +3 to the stats, do not forget to put on your necklace, type of necklaces: 
Ancient Guardian Acc/Con
Ancient Wind Agi/Acc
Ancient Soul Agi/Con
Ancient Naiad Con/Spr
Ancient Illusion Str/Agi
Ancient Light Str/Con

Strengthening of monsters!

1. Lord Hardin - HP 25.000.000, PR 70, Defense 700, Attack 4,200/5,800, Hit Rate 500, Cooldown of summoning skill is 7 minutes now!
2. Black Dragon - HP 15.000.000 - Cooldown of summoning skill is 7 minutes now!!
3. Baby Black Dragon, Baby Thunder Dragon, Tempest Dragon - increased amount of HP
Apocalypse Deer - HP 5.000.000, Defense 400, Physical Resistance - 40
5. Doomsday Chicken - HP 5.000.000, Defense 500, Physical Resistance - 40
6. Chaos Guardian - HP 10.000.000, Defense 500, Physical Resistance - 60, attack 4800-6200


1. Voyagers deal 3x more damage with the Conch Ray against monsters in Chaos and Snow War, SM and Clerics deals 6x more damage with a bolt;
2. Switched blueprint ingredients between tier 1 and 2 of berserk potion (it was mixed up) - changes will only affect new blueprints which were obtained after changes are made;
3. Large Auto-rationAuto Ration now can be stacked by 999
4. Bright chest - a chest with gems by opening which you can get one of the gems:
 Feng's Defense - 40%  Lock's Strike - 30%;  Bing's Dodging - 30%;
5. Bkoren Gems, Cracked Gems, Chipped Gems, UGs now can be turned into vouchers
6. Increased fairy stamina consumption when using Fairy Body skill: Novice - 90, Standard - 60, Expert - 35
7. Decreased amp time -  Super Lucky Fruit - 10 minutes, Hi-Amplifier of Luck - 20 minutes
8. Burden of Death drop chance for Melancholy increased from 25% to 35%
9.Spirit potion Lv2 now grants 15 more spirit than level 1 (total 45 spirit)
10.Black Dragon Altar added to:
Apocalypse Deer - 0,3%, Doomsday Chicken - 0,3%, Chaos Guardian - 0,4%
11. Jade Chest can now be obtained from chests in mazes with a 1% chance:
FC Abandoned ChestAbandoned Chest 2Abandoned Chest 3
DS Obscure Chest 1Obscure Chest 2Obscure Chest 3
DW Сундуки Мира ДемоновСундуки Мира Демонов 2 

12. Change item drop from   Small Treasure Chest:
 Auto Ration x3 - 10%
 Medium chest key - 10%
 Dublon - 10% 
 Codfish Steamboat x1 - 10% 
 Sturgeon Soup x1 - 10%
 n1484.gifGreat Snow Dragon Fruit - 6%;
n1485.gifGreat Icespire Plum - 6%;
n1486.gifGreat Zephyr Fish Floss - 6%;
n1487.gifGreat Argent Mango - 6%;
n1488.gif Great Shaitan Biscuit - 6%;
 Fisherman's Token - 4%;
 Egyptian Blueprint - 4% ;
Cracked chest - 4%
Broken chest  - 4%
Item iconTriangle Sail - 3.5%
Kal Runestone - 0.5%;