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Pet box

Recovery Type $5,000

A box from which you can get rare things, including a unique pet.

Tradable Droppable Deletable Stackable x99

After using can give this item(s)
850 Weightless Potion x2
3098 Constitution Recovery Flask x20
5645 Large Auto-ration x25
5707 The Universe Purse
5772 Lock's Strike
5773 Bing's Dodging
5774 Feng's Defense
5775 Shark's Strengthening
7736 Dragon Chest
8854 Bull potion Lv1 x10
8856 Berserk potion Lv1 x5
8858 Harden Potion Lv1 x5
8859 Hit rate potion x5
8969 Purse with chipped gems
10303 Faceted Fiery Gem
10304 Faceted Furious Gem
10305 Faceted Explosive Gem
10306 Faceted Glowing Gem
10307 Faceted Shining Gem
10308 Faceted Shadow Gem
10309 Faceted Spirit Gem
11511 Purse with great gems
12306 Egg of Picky rare hand Pet